John Lennon statue in Liverpool by [Duncan], Flickr[/caption]Which dead celebrity took in the most money last year?

Topping the annual list put out by Forbes Magazine is Michael Jackson amassing more than $160 million in 2012. Meanwhile, the top-earning living celebrity for 2013 was Madonna taking in $125 million. This is the third year of the past five where the top-earning celebrity in the world wasn't living. There are several more musicians in the top ten of the Forbes list and some surprises too. Take a look:

1. Michael Jackson $160 million

2. Elvis Presley $55 million

3. Charles M. Schulz $37 million

4. Elizabeth Taylor $25 million

5. Bob Marley $18 million

6. Marilyn Monroe $15 million

7. John Lennon $12 million

8. Albert Einstein $10 million

9. Bettie Page $10 million

10. Theodor Geisel $9 million

Would it be strange to be worth more after you're gone than when you were alive?