Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen and City Councilman Jim Brown may not always see eye to eye on issues facing the city.

But they do agree on one thing--the Converse/Pershing/19th Street Roundabout is a big success.

At a ceremony Friday celebrating the completion of the $4.5 million project, Kaysen said that while he was at first skeptical of the roundabout, it's turned out to be a great addition to the community. Kaysen says he's hearing more and more positive comments about the project as people get used to it.

Brown said that seeing the roundaboutt completed gives him a lot of pride in the city, adding he feels the project has turned out so well that he would support future roundabouts  "in a heartbeat". He adds several people who were originally against the project are now telling him it's turned out better than they expected.

Both men say the project has turned out to be highly successful, despite being highly controversial