Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the Cheyenne Depot Plaza and a new public safety building could be key to revitalizing the downtown area.

Kaysen says the plaza draws people to the downtown area for events such as the Summer Farmer's Market, as well as other numerous festivals and activities that are held there through the year. Kaysen says city officials are working to find attractions for the 17th and 18th street areas to help draw people into other parts of downtown..

Kaysen also thinks the new $25-million Public Safety Building, planned for the former Dineen's Car Dealership, "should be a boon for the downtown area." But overall, Kaysen seems lukewarm to the idea of a "walking mall" in downtown Cheyenne, saying there are "pluses and minuses" to that idea...

The idea of a walking mall such as the one in Denver's16th Street-area is viable for Cheyenne. Another walking mall located in Casper might be a better model.