Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen says the annual review of the city's Unified Development Code, or UDC, is continuing. The mayor says the city has taken a number of comments both from the public as well as city employees on the code and possible changes.The mayor says some of the comments included input on possible changes to the UDC design standards and landscaping requirements, as well as the time frame laid out in the code for some of those requirements.

Kaysen also says there were some comments calling for the repeal of the UDC. He says that while those comments will be considered, repeal is "not necessarily a viable alternative". The mayor notes there has been criticism of the code since even before it took effect, adding some residents think the city shouldn't have any development codes at all.

Kaysen says there is no particular time frame in effect for the city to complete it's review. The UDC officially took effect on April 1, 2012, and one of it's provisions calls for an annual review of how the code is working as well as possible changes.