When you think prom, you think the dress, the shoes the hair, and... the chicken?  You might now, because Kentucky Fried Chicken is now offering Chicken Corsages!

Apparently KFC has partnered with a Louisville,Kentucky florist to create the “chicken corsage,” which is basically a nest of baby’s breath adorning a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken right smack dab in the middle!

These corsages come in KFC’s original, extra crispy, spicy, or, if you’re watching your weight, grilled chicken!  These corsages can be ordered online, and they’ve already had 20 orders for them, and even a request from a wedding party in Kentucky.

If you plan to order one of these corsages, you better hurry. They’re only selling a limited edition of 100. So if you want one, best order it now, otherwise not getting this chicken corsage might put you in a bit of a “fowl mood!”

What crazy prom trend have you ever seen?