With 2011 winding down and 2012 just around the corner, we've compiled the most popular posts on KING-FM.com based on you, our readers! Relive the year one last time before you turn over onto a new calendar!


Gailen shares a rendition of "Hallelujah" from Alaskan Eskimo children that's gone viral. Pretty good for what was only intended to be a computer class project!
Looking for a way to make more out of your money than whatever you're going to eventually spend it on? Look no further!
From the Too much time on their hands department, someone made a working machine gun out of Legos! And then they put a video of it on YouTube. And then we viewed that video, over 1,000,000 times (at last count).
We went eating so you don't have to. Or rather, we went eating, so we could point you to the best places for you to go. And we kept the budget in mind, while we were doing it. Don't be hungry. Don't be broke!
Grateful Mike checks in with Rolling Stone after they interviewed former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, who says he's moved on and grown since Zep and wishes other worn out rockers would, too. BAM!
Ahem. One rule applies to two situations. If you use a sex doll, don't get caught. Also, if you break into a sex shop, don't get caught. And certainly, don't ever get caught doing both!
Perhaps this should be filed under Stupid Human Tricks? But the question I end up asking myself is, who would want to buy that food?
As you may, or may not (depending upon your level of alcohol consumption) remember, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow opened Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. Gailen was there and filed this report.
A giant pig in the skies over Britain! What's not to love? Grateful elicited many pageviews when he toured Strom Thorgenson's album covers, including the iconic stunt for Pink Floyd's Animals.
Our most popular post in 2011 was a link Gailen shared with us: the 9/11 tribute he found most poignant. Click the link to see. And we'll see you, in 2012!