Will the L.A. Kings win their first Stanley Cup tonight?

In the NHL finale, the Kings have a 3-0 lead in the best of 7 series with the New Jersey Devils.

I know my friend Ian Whyte is rooting for the skaters in the black and white.

When Ian was my roommate at the Rustic Woods in Monrovia, California, he gave me an education in hockey and took me to my only NHL game.

Who would have thought of southern California as a hotbed for hockey fans, but they really get serious out there.

Before the game came on TV, Ian prepared by putting on his Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings' jersey and he'd get out his tallest mug and fill it with a 40 oz. Old English 800 Ale.

Wayne Gretzky, known as 'The Great One,' played with the Kings from 1988-1996.

Gretzky dropped the puck for the ceremonial face-off at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for game 3 on Monday, June 4.

He is credited with increasing the popularity of the cold weather sport in sunny southern California which led to other franchises in the state,the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and the San Jose Sharks.

Security has increased at the Staples Center, when the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title in 2010 crowds rioted, breaking windows and burning cars.

Let's hope the fans will be less violent after tonight's game, whether the L.A. Kings win the Stanley Cup or the New Jersey Devils force and game 5.

I'm rooting for the Kings, for the sake of my friend Ian. Who do you think will take the Cup?