Searching for a way to safely celebrate Independence Day?

The City of Cheyenne will present their annual 4th of July fireworks display at Frontier Park and tonight you can watch fireworks over La Grange just north of Cheyenne on U.S. Highway 85.

The town of La Grange, Wyoming does something different for Independence Day.  Years ago, the small town of 337 wanted to have a city fireworks display but everyone enjoyed shooting off their own fireworks too. What to do? Have the city fireworks display on July 3rd. A tradition was born, and seems to be catching on. Every year on July 3rd, more and more people are driving to La Grange to see their July 3rd Fireworks show.  All they ask is that you make a donation to the local fire department for next year’s display.

The show is bigger than you might think too, thanks to more and more people making the drive up U.S. 85 to La Grange. (Just keep humming the ZZ Top song)

Stop by tonight, July 3, just before dusk, park your car in the designated field and enjoy the show.