Imagine that you found the home of your dreams, it’s perfect for the kids, it’s close to shopping, etc., and even though it’s close to the landfill, the neighborhood was still thriving and property values were strong in that area.  Then years after you purchased your home, you find out that the landfill that’s wasn’t  too far from your home, may soon be closer, due to plans of expanding, and that your property values could be threatened.  This scenario is a reality for some residents west of Cheyenne living near the Happy Jack Landfill.

There was a meeting Tuesday night, to discuss the concerns of these residents over expanding the Happy Jack Landfill by another 50 acres.  Their concerns stem from their animals eating trash, water contamination concerns, and the possibility of their property values plummeting.  Although their concerns are valid ones, the landfill is also in a bit of a situation.

They need this expansion because they’re already over capacity, and they even have to transfer some of the trash across the border to Ault, Colorado.  However residents near the landfill are fighting to preserve their neighborhood and their investments, and many say if the expansion goes through, they plan to hire an attorney.

What would you do if you thought your home investment was being threatened?  What should the landfill do to fix their overcrowded situation?