The Laramie County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents about another phone scam has that is using threats of arrest if individuals do not “pay a fine and fees” for missing jury duty.

According to a news release both the Sheriff’s Department and Clerk of the District Court’s Office have received reports from citizens who had a call from an individual claiming that the victim missed jury duty and must pay a fine and fees otherwise a warrant would be issued and they would be arrested.  The person is told to get a “Green Dot” payment at a chain convenience store (one not located in this area), or, at a Family Dollar Store and immediately set up the payment code.

The phone number that may show up may be a “cloned” local cell phone number and the person may identify themselves as a law enforcement officer from a local law enforcement agency.  Callers have stated they were either from the Sheriff’s Department or Cheyenne Police.  When challenged the individuals have been hanging up.

Anyone receiving a call like this should not agree to pay any fine.  If there are any questions about jury duty and/or jury duty procedures, call the Clerk of the District Courts Office at (307) 633-4270.  If you have any questions about a possible warrant you can contact the Sheriff's Department Warrants Division (307- 633-4732) to verify any questions about validity of a warrant.

Additionally, you can also contact the Attorney General’s Office – Consumer Protection Division – to report any calls like this as well as the Sheriff’s Department at (307) 633-4700.