Friends of mine from Cheyenne told me a wild story about old school Cheyenne Frontier Days. Blood, beer and brawls.

Did you know there is a CFD code of conduct? It stems from the 80's and 90's when Cheyenne Frontier Days resembled Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday. Stories of a game that was played where you threw whatever you had in your hand at passing cars. Most of the time it was a finished fifth or full beer bottle. The code of conduct states you can not fight or challenge anyone to a fight. Reason: Challenging others to fights that led to malay and drunkin' brawls was the norm in old school CFD's.

Liquor stores downtown, one in particular back in the day sold alcohol to anyone who was cool, calm and collective and under 21. Cowboys, rednecks and farmers strapped fifths of whiskey on each side of their legs in boots.  Men were shirtless and women showed their womanhood. Times sure have changed and for the good. The revelry is controlled and confined and doesn't spread all over Cheyenne.