Have you ever witnessed your mail carrier having a bad day and wished you had a camera? I remember some of my less-than-fun moments during my days as a mailman on the routes of Cheyenne and am glad no one snapped a photo. Luckily, a security camera captured this moment.

This video isn't just amusing for the fact that the mailman gets run over by his own mail truck after he get out of the vehicle and leaves it in reverse.

It's that the unmanned mail truck is able to negotiate it's way through the parking lot without causing any damage before it actually runs over the mail carrier. (Eventually, though, the runaway mail truck does hit a parked car.)

Of course, the mail carrier was fine or we wouldn't be going on about how funny it all is. I'm also amazed at the quick response time by the Fire Department, must have been right around the corner.

Check out the mayhem below.