Marian Smith Orr has become the second candidate to throw her hat in the ring for Mayor of Cheyenne.

At her campaign kickoff event Tuesday at the Cheyenne Airport, Orr called the appearance of parts of the city, including the site that once was home to the Hitching Post Inn (destroyed by an arson fire in 2010) as ''shameful" and vowed to take action to improve the appearence of the community and reduce the number of vacant buildings.

Orr said another issue she feels strongly about is a non-discrimination ordinance to protect the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) residents. But she adds that "it needs to be done right" and 'I'm not a fan of criminal penalties." She says she doesn't envision a Cheyenne non-discrimination ordinance as being identical to one passed in Laramie last year, adding she sees the local ordinance as being a "hybrid."

She says she would 'leave it to the attorneys" to hash out a specific law.

Orr says another issue is public safety, and she said she would take steps to prevent the Cheyenne Police Department "from being a training ground for the front range."

She also promised a transparent administration if she is elected, including regular meetings with the public, extensive use of social media and weekly news conferences.

On the issue of the city budget Orr says she hopes six percent cuts being proposed by Mayor Rick Kaysen will be enough for the city to get by for now. But she goes on to say the city will have to tighten its belt until the economy improves.

Orr is a long-time political lobbyist who has lived in Cheyenne for 20 years. She has been active in a wide range of local organizations and is on the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees.

She joins Downtown Development Authority Director Amy Surdam in the race for mayor of Cheyenne, although several other people are rumored to be considering running for the office.

Incumbent Mayor Rick Kaysen recently announced that he won't run for a third term.