We have a squirrel party every morning and the blue jays have joined in.

Janis, my wife, started putting out peanuts on the front porch, and every morning we drink coffee and watch the three squirrels have a feast. Lee, Harvey and Oswald.

The names came from a friend of mine in California who had a squirrel in his yard he named Lee Harvey. I often wondered if Brian Lee named him after the soldier in STRIPES that Bill Murray says "Lee Harvey, I want to party with you cowboy."

Or was it the famed alleged assassin of President Kennedy.

Well, with three of them we split up the name.

Now the blue jays are coming to the peanut party and I promise to get some pictures this week to post. I will have to zoom in on them from outside. Window shots will suck; we have double glass living room window that is stained by water on the inside.