Did you buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket for a chance at the second largest jackpot in history?

If you did, get out your ticket and compare your numbers. Here are the winning numbers chosen on Tuesday, December 17; 8, 14, 17, 20 and 39, with the Mega Ball 7.California state lottery officials say one ticket purchased at Jenny's Gift Shop in San Jose matched all six numbers, the ticket holder has not been identified.

Lots of Cheyennites made a run to the Borderline Cafe on US 85 to purchase lottery tickets in Colorado. Voters decided this year to allow Wyoming to participate in the lottery beginning next year.

If no one had matched all six numbers on Tuesday, the jackpot would have rolled over to become a record breaking amount over $1 billion for Friday's drawing.

The $636 million pot, before taxes, is only on the table if a winner or winners is willing to spread the payments out over 30 years. If it's taken all at once, it's "only" worth $341 million.

Find your lottery ticket and check your numbers, this year could be your best Christmas ever.