Let's face it: men are horrible at wrapping gifts. Most gifts under the tree wrapped by men look like miniature unmade beds. Not exactly a vision that screams Merry Christmas, eh?

Luckyily, there are ways we can cheat this madness and put our best foot forward on Christmas morning.

1.) Put it in a gift bag with tissue paper. Gift bags are the camouflage of the holiday season. No tape involved. Fits a multitude of shapes and sizes. And they're cheap. Case closed.

2.) Get it done at Dillard's (or use the in store gift wrapping). Sometimes this sets you back a few bucks, but they always come out looking gorgeous. A bonus? She'll never know what store it came from because she won't be able to recognize the wrapping paper.

3.) Buy gifts that are too large to wrap: a Flat Screen TV, or a lawn mower. Then you can just shove it in the garage, hide it on the back porch, or put it in a spare bedroom. Bonus points: You can have her cover her eyes before she sees it. Makes it more magical.

4.) Maybe you are a born wrapper. It's in your DNA. If so, I'll pay you to do mine.

5.) Get a female co-worker or friend to do it for you. "Oh, Lois! Your wrapping skills are amazing! I could never recreate that! Could I give you one to do for me? I'm an idiot!" Works everytime.

Stop this madness for the holidays. Quit wrapping gifts that look like bags of laundry or gift-wrapped mashed potatoes. Use my handy guide above and make it happen. You've got less than a week!