For the first time in Wyoming since 1998 The Wyoming Legislature’s Joint revenue Interim Committee voted Monday to sponsor a bill that would raise the gas tax in Wyoming by 10 cents per gallon.  The states lawmakers also endorsed a bill to raise car registration by 5 dollars or more depending on the vehicle.   With the economy still struggling and job growth not doing as well as everyone would like it to be the coast of maintaining Wyoming roads could fall on Wyoming residents.  The state projects the two measures would raise 89.9 million dollars for fiscal year of 2014,. The proposal came out of a months long study to try and find a new funding source for the states cash strapped highway system.  (Wyoming Tribune Eagle)

Not only is the states highway system strapped for cash but so are millions of American’s including Wyoming residents who are  struggling to keep their jobs and find new ones. Is it right for the states government to turn to its people to pick up the tab?

When we the people run out of money there is no where for us to turn to ask for more money. We have to cut back, give up some things and budget more.  Is the state at fault for not budgeting its money properly or is inflation and the rising cost of everything to blame? Read the full complete story by the Wyoming Tribune Eagle here.

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