Whether it comes by phone, mail, email or you connect via internet, scammers are coming with, “Hey, let me help you get you your money that’s going unclaimed. It’s yours; I'll get it for you.”

The bait is an inheritance or an insurance check you weren’t aware of. They’ll say you overpaid for something or offer some enticement to get you pay them too much for their services... Or worse, to get you to let your guard down and let them slither into your accounts, wipe you out and leave you hurting in a ditch along the information super highway.

Mark Gordon is our Wyoming State Treasurer and he’s issued a warning about some fresh new scammers charging exorbitant finders fees, and at times stealing your identity.

Your take away is this: If someone wants to get your unclaimed property, be very, very careful. To see if Wyoming has something of yours, start at www.wywindfall.gov.

If these scum would work as hard at an honest job, that would be great, but that’s not how it is. Be careful out there.