Water Cooler Supervisor: Some folks in Kokomo, Indiana are on the lookout for the next top Water Cooler Supervisor. What does this mean? I have no idea. The only thing the ad says is, "For only few hours weekly, we are offering a one-time opportunity." Maybe they need someone to keep an eye on the conversation about last night's American Idol. Or maybe you actually have to make sure the water cooler doesn't break down. You'll never know what you're missing if you don't send a resume.
Do you occasionally use cocaine?: If you occasionally use cocaine, don't be ashamed -- you should probably put it on your resume. A research team in Charleston, South Carolina wants to study the brain activity of those who do a little cocaine once in a while -- not full-time dope-fiends. You'll be compensated for an assessment and MRI scan -- hey, that's scratch to go buy some more blow!
Looking for Men and Women: A soon-to-be company in Memphis, Tennessee is looking for workers. There's just one catch -- you must be a man or a woman. That's the only qualification. There's absolutely no other information about the job except that the company is looking for males and females. If you think you fit one of these descriptions, fire off an E-mail -- you've got a good shot.
Bowling Mechanic Part Time: Apparently you need a college degree in Bowling Mechanics to get this job. Champions Fun Center in Lincoln, Nebraska is looking for an experienced mechanic for part-time work. This stuff must be harder than it seems, because salary is based on experience, and the ad stresses in all capital letters that you must have prior experience working on pinsetters. If you think you have what it takes, call Leanna and she'll set up an interview.