Father of “Beavis & Butthead” as well as “King Of The Hill,” Mike Judge said his movie

"Office Space" should actually get the credit for making T.G.I. Fridays get rid of FLAIR.  He says the restaurant actually changed its policy because people started coming in and making fun of the servers, after seeing "Office Space".

(If you haven't seen the movie . . . and you never went to T.G.I. Fridays in the '90s . . . "flair" is the little buttons that the servers were required to wear in order to express their own personalities.  You could wear any kind of button you wanted, as long as you had buttons on your uniform.

Here's the scene from "Office Space" where Jennifer Aniston quits because the manager of her restaurant . . . played by Judge . . . nags her one too many times about wearing more flair.

The video & sound quality sucks in this clip, but it’s worth watching (Hey its Jennifer Aniston & Mike Judge) just to remember. If you haven’t seen “Office Space,” what are you waiting for? Go rent it!! Seriously!!!