Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media[/caption]In general, I really like Cheyenne Frontier Days and the fun, family and western heritage theme that goes along with it. 

Cheyenne Frontier Days is grueling when you are working the event, like we in media do for the full Monty. When we had some down time, we did go to the rodeo several times and I am a little perturbed at the constant marketing and promotions. You would think while being in media, I'm use to that. I was trying to watch the steer roping on Saturday and all of the constant promotional interference made it hard for me personally to follow the action and the monitor.

We loved the vendors in the Frontier Hall building and actually made some purchases. The best bet in the park is the Buckle Club. All of the food and drinks are nearly one half off from the expensive vendors. No one was really buying anything from the vendors during the times we walks the midway. Lower the prices and  more people will purchase turkey legs and corn on the cob.

We love the rodeo, the concerts and everything there is to do for families and empty nesters like my wife and I. My first Cheyenne Frontier Days was a 9 out of 10. It's everything I was told it would be. I am now glad that it's over and we can return to a normal routine.