What I have been hearing so much about is now the real deal, um The Daddy Of Em' All.

Yesterday was my first day and my first day ever at Frontier Days. It was really a grand affair and I loved the smells, the people, the livestock, vendors and the volunteers. We are there everyday on Media Row as you come in from the east side. Our first day we had so much fun giving out grab bag prizes as a conciliation for event goers who spin our slot machine for a chance to win a Polaris ATV. Jackpot x 3 wins a 20k ATV and another 15k in cash or gas.

I loved the vendors row along the old Western town building on the east side of the complex. All of the things for kids and kids at heart to do there. Pony rides, petting zoo, antiques, tri-tip sandwiches and the Dodge Ram exhibit. Driving Dodge trucks over gullies, up hills around and over sand dunes is something I want to go back and do.

I promise we will quit working at our booth long enough to have some real CFD fun.