Although I never met Robin, I met his mother and remember his early career vividly. 

1979 - When Robin was a fledgling comedian playing all over California, the owner of Eric The Red's Car Stereo in San Diego hired him to record some ad lib commercials for his chain of stores. They were some of the funniest lines and comments I ever heard. He was playing the Comedy Store in La Jolla when he recorded the commercials. There were lines in the commercial out takes like: "Eric won't steer you wrong, he would never put bricks in a box and sell you a car stereo".

1989 - I went to Mill Valley to be the MC of a United Way Bachelor Auction at a swank hotel. This is where I met his mother. Laurie Williams was on hand to co-host the event with me and she was funny and nuts. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree. If you see a picture of her, they share a resemblance.

For all of us in radio, his portrayal of Adrian Cronauer in GOOD MORNING VIETNAM was a behind the scenes look at a wild and crazy disc-jockey in the military who wouldn't follow any of the rules and pushed personality and the envelope.