Neil Diamond has now been around for seven decades, he's been writing songs in the music industry for more than half of them.  For the past 45 years Diamond has been creating and singing hit songs.  In 1966 The Monkees took his song "I'm A Believer" and made it the Popular Music Song Of The Year.

Many others over the years have covered Diamond's songs; Elvis Presley recorded "Sweet Caroline", Deep Purple sang "Kentucky Woman" and UB40 turned "Red Red Wine" into a reggae hit.  On one occasion Diamond even opened for The Who.

On his latest album "Dreams" released last year Diamond covers songs from other artists like the Eagles (Desperado), Bill Withers (Ain't No Sunshine), The Beatles (Blackbird and Yesterday) and himself with a recording of "I'm A Believer."

So this Spring when he's inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame on March 14th he deserves it.