So, I was "sniffing" around on the internet when I stumbled on this hysterical commercial about a REAL product, "Poo Pourri."

I was immediately drawn to this, because when it comes to using public restrooms, or using the restroom at work, I'm EXTREMELY cautious.  I've been called the "Queen of Lysol," because I try to keep a small can of Lysol, or Febreeze, or any other air freshener with me.  I realize that it only masks what's really in the air, but in my opinion, it's better than nothing.

I used to hate to go into restrooms where there wasn't any air freshener, and would panic if the person in the next stall was doing more "business" in their stall that I was in mine.  Sure enough, they'd done and gone before I could finish, leaving an aroma that would burn out your eye sockets!  My immediate paranoia would usually turn into reality when somebody else would come into the restroom just as I'm coming out of the stall.  They're gasping for air, while I'm desperately trying to find a way to say "It wasn't me!"  

Then this commercial came on, and I was glued!  This product "Poo Pourri," which is said to "trap those odors in their porcelain prisons ," is selling like hotcakes right now, and this commercial is a viral hit.  Check out this video and see if you wouldn't want to order this stuff by the case, so you can say "your poo doesn't stink!"