Teri Landreth, Townsquare Media

My husband and I live in Evans, Co. and we were very fortunate not to be flooded out, like our neighbors to the east of us.  We drove just a few blocks from our home, only to see the beginnings of what would be one of the most horrific floods in Colorado history.  We're still in tact, our toilet however, a different story.

Because so many of our neighbors are fighting the floodwaters that have literally taken over their homes, the City of Evans has put us on a ban as far as water use.  No doing laundry or dishes, no showers, (trust me, you wouldn't want to stand down wind from me right now) and, most of all, no flushing!  Anyone living east of 35th Avenue is not aloud to flush the toilets, for fear that our flushing, could cause some severe backups in the sewer systems of those who are flooded out. (It's bad enough to be flooded, but to have your sewer back up on top of that, unthinkable.)

This ban is set up to have "neighbor helping neighbor" as one official put it, and we're glad to do it.  It's a little bizarre not being able to use the restroom in our own house, or to have to drive to a restaurant or local place that would be kind enough just to let us in to use their facilities.  But it's a small sacrifice on our end, to help our neighbors who, many of them, lost everything, including their toilets!

Have you ever survived a storm without the usual comforts of home?  What did you have to go without due to a storm you were caught up in, and for how long?