As a nation, we all know, all too well, the circumstances of the tragic events that took place last week at Sandy Hook Elementary. It touched us all and shook the nation, if not the world, to the core.

With all the news coverage, one cannot ignore the horror that transpired in Connecticut   In light of those sad events, I came across a story I felt compelled to share with as many people as i possibly could.

My brother and I were talking after the recent events at Sandy Hook Elementary. My brother is a new father - making me a new uncle - and it really hit close to home with both of us.  Just like everyone else we're asking, "How do we as a nation put a stop to this and make our schools safe for our children?"

My brother,  as a former serviceman, said, and I quote, "With all of these unemployed ex military personnel looking for work, why doesn't our government give them jobs protecting our schools."

I stopped and thought about it for a second and couldn't help but agree with him.

I am sure these former military men and women would love a job protecting our nation's schools and our youngsters. I am also convinced they would do the job with pride and honor! I mean, what would be a better deterrence for some crazy person looking to harm children than a couple of former military personnel standing out front of a school?

The police can't be everywhere at once. I know they try their very best, but the simple fact is they cannot.

Below is a link to a story of a former Marine, who stepped up and did exactly what I talked about above. He is retired and took it upon himself to make sure the youngsters were safe and sound. This man was, is and always will be a hero for his service to his country and for his selfless actions. I certainly hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.