CFD Pancake Breakfast (Doug Randall/tsm)

The man in charge of the three free pancake breakfasts held during CFD 2013 says a total of over 30,000 meals were served during Cheyenne Frontier Days .

Tim Sheppard of the Kiwanis says 7900 breakfasts were served on Monday, 13,097 on Wednesday and  10, 757 on Friday. Sheppard says despite the high volumes of meals served, things overall went very well, including keeping the lines of those waiting to eat moving briskly.

Sheppard says the event is also a drill for how large numbers of people could be fed quickly if an emergency were to hit the Cheyenne area. Sheppard says there is "no doubt in my mind" that people could be fed quickly under emergency circumstances, given his experience the CFD breakfasts.

But even though things went well this year, Sheppard says there is always room for improvement in 2014--including finding ways to feed people even more quickly and efficiently.