People deal with death in their own way: some hold a vigil, others set up a charity and some friends take the dead body around town while getting drunk on his stolen ATM card.

The Denver Post tells the story that sounds less like actual news and more like the proposed plot to another ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’ movie.

Jeffrey Jarrett bought his roommate and a friend a round of drinks, Mexican food and a trip to strip club "Shotgun Willie’s" the night of August 27, authorities say. But while Jarrett was present for some of the night’s fun, he wasn’t alive to enjoy any of it.

After finding the dead body, the first man went to the workplace of his friend and explained the situation. The pair then returned to Jarrett’s home, loaded him into a Lincoln Navigator and took him to a bar. Jarrett’s body stayed in the backseat while the pair drank on his tab, because nothing ruins a night out like a dead guy. They stopped at one more bar, feasted at a place called Viva Burrito, withdrew $400 and partied at a strip club until it closed.

Around 4 a.m. authorities say the pair found a cop and told him “that Jarrett might be dead back at his house.”

Now hear us out on this: while we don’t condone stealing of any kind, or the transportation of a cadaver from one location to the next (no matter how awesome the strip club or watering hole) we kind of understand the intent of the two party animals. Death sucks. The death of a friend is worse. The typical viewing/funeral send-off just isn’t the best closure for some folks. Is a night of taking a dead body around in a truck and drinking, burrito-ing and boobie bar-ing the best send off? Well, really, who is to say? Sounds like a pretty good night in our opinion. Especially after tasting those burritos. They could make a dead man rise!