Weather you're a Bronco's fan or not you can not deny the magic of Peyton Manning!  He's a man who is a class act on and off the field, and a person every parent would be proud to have their child admire.

In his first season as Denver's quarterback he has lead the team to an overall record of 10 and 3 winning the last 8 straight games in a row.  With last night's 8th win coming against the Oakland Raiders.

With just 3 games left in Denver's regular season they are poised to make a very strong playoff run this year, and will probably do very well and go deep into the playoffs, and that has all Bronco fans very excited indeed. There last 3 games should be very winnable, with their biggest challenge coming against the Ravens. Denver will be at the  Ravens Dec 16th at 1pm ET, Cleveland Dec 23rd 4:05 ET and closing out the season against division rival Kansas City Dec 30th at 4:25 ET.  The last 2 games of the year will be played at home in Mile High.

If you're a football lover, like most of us are, this is going to be a very exciting year for Denver, and already has been an exciting year for Bronco fans.  Most fans are already planning the super bowl celebration!  Will it happen??? We're all gonna have to wait and see, cause that's why they play the game!