Where did you attend elementary school?

From kindergarten through sixth grade, I went to Pioneer Park Elementary. The school at 1407 Cosgriff Court celebrates it's 55 anniversary tomorrow, May 19.

Former students and staff of Pioneer Park are invited to an open house and lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m on Saturday.

Most of my memories from Pioneer Park involve the teachers, some of my favorites were Mr. Zumo, Mrs. Byrd, Mrs. Sills and Mr. Rohrman. They all had a big impact on the rest of my life and I try to let them know that when I see them around Cheyenne.

All the playground equipment also stands out in my mind, the monkey bars and the witch's hat. Recess is always a favorite of elementary school kids.

I thought it was cool when we saw pictures of the first Cheyenne Frontier Days, which were held on the school grounds just outside of Fort D. A. Russell before it moved to Frontier Park, and we were playing on that same location.

Being right next to Warren Air Force Base, many of the students were from other places and even other countries. It was a very diverse student body which helped teach me tolerance to accept people who were different from me.

Stop by and share some of your stories and memories, maybe I'll see you there.