So...when you think of fast food breakfast, do you think about "Living Más" and going to Taco Bell?

Well, Taco Bell has recently announced that they will be rolling out a breakfast menu nationwide on March 27th at 7 a.m. (or earlier depending on your location). The fast food chain plans to offer a “Waffle Taco” and an “A.M. Crunchwrap” along with coffee and orange juice.

Seem weird? McDonald’s leads the fast food breakfast arena with their offerings (and you have to admit–some mornings just call for an Egg McMuffin). Taco Bell has already made it public that they aren’t looking to oust MickyD’s…just try to grab a slice of that breakfast money-making pie. They’re hoping for a cool 2nd…But does a breakfast waffle taco float your boat? See yourself drizzling maple syrup all over that Crunchwrap? (You can browse their breakfast promotions on their website:

Which leads to the all-important question: where is your favorite fast food breakfast place? Do you head to the golden arches and get a McMuffin or do you get a Crossanwich at Burger King?

I'm a fan of the breakfast burritos at Qdoba and of course taking a breakfast burrito to-go from R&B.