The “Art of the Hunt” exhibit is on display at the Wyoming State Museum 2301 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, through June 30, 2015. A five year collaborative effort documenting the Cowboy State’s outdoor heritage by the Wyoming Arts Council and the University of Wyoming American Studies, “Art of the Hunt: Wyoming Traditions.” It celebrates the Wyoming outdoor lifestyle that influenced artisans who created hand‐crafted hunting and fishing gear, crafts and other artistic objects highlighting hunting and fishing.

These days you can go to a sporting goods store for anything you need, but back in the day, you were on your own. This exhibit features more than 70 objects by over 50 Wyoming artisans used by hunters and anglers. Some of the hand‐made objects in the exhibit include fishing flies, bamboo fishing rods, taxidermy, pack saddles, engraved firearms, knives, recurve bows and more.

See how they did back in the day.