Back breaking work, but the results this summer should be great!

Saturday morning we borrowed Coop's truck, went to B&S Compost at the Home and Garden Show, got a great deal on compost and bails of hay. The tiller was a beast: a Honda 900. It was like flying a 747. Once I got it tilled, we raked the compost into the tilled soil.

Soil was in good shape, lots of earthworms.

Then raked and smoothed out the clumps.

Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media

Ken Rudman, the Backyard Ombudsman here in Cheyenne, taught me the process on how to do this.

I liberally applied the grass seed with a spreader, watered it good, then Janis applied the hay/straw.

Now we have to wait for Mother Nature to sprout the seedlings through the straw. Ken says the straw will keep it all moist and naturally move to the bottom of the grass as the seedlings become more pronounced.

Chuck Geiger/Townsquare Media

This was quite a project. I will keep you posted on the progress.