Would you “kill the wabbit?”  Whole Foods Market is selling rabbit meat in select stores nationwide, and rabbit advocates are “hopping mad!”  Would you buy it?

According to a website called The Dodo, several rabbit advocacy groups including the House Rabbit Society, are protesting Whole Foods stores this weekend, handing out leaflets reminding consumers that rabbits are cute and “popular furry companions,” and many people have them has pets.  So far, Whole Foods is only selling rabbit in select stores, but what if you were able to buy rabbit meat here in Wyoming?

Our Cowboy State is well known for hunting!  What if a grocery store chain started selling Elk or Deer meat, or even Moose?  Many are getting ready for hunting season to "bag that game," so if you hunt for wild game, would it be any worse buying that game in the stores?  Some people actually hunt for rabbit, so why not package it up and sell it like we do beef or chicken?

On the other hand, I have a yard full of rabbits.  I love seeing them curled up in my yard, and there have been several times that I couldn’t resist tossing them a carrot or two, so for that reason alone, I might have a hard time bringing myself to actually EAT one.

What do you think, would you buy rabbit meat if they sold it in stores here in Wyoming, and do you think food stores should sell Elk, Deer, Pheasant or any other game?