There have been 5 confirmed cases of rabies found near Pine Bluffs in southeastern Wyoming.Four skunks and 1 cat were all found in the Pine Bluffs area. In two of the cases the cat and a skunk were found literally yards over the Nebraska border. A resident of Pine Bluffs found his cat and the skunk. The skunk had contact with 3 dogs. All dogs were vaccinated for rabies prior to the incident and are now in 45-day quarantine for observation.


Rabies is transmitted through saliva and mucus. Any contact with a rabid animal’s saliva in an open wound or cut or through being bitten can transmit the disease. It is extremely deadly to humans and animals, but animals already vaccinated are safe from the disease.


“This is a very serious situation,” said the executive director of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, Rick Collord. Wild animals may come in contact with pets and other livestock and people need to be vigilant.  It is also important to report animal bites to local animal control officials and to follow recommended quarantine guidelines.

Rick stopped by the KING FM studios this morning, listen to the audio here;


Since 2000, rabies has been confirmed in Wyoming bats, cats, cows, dogs, foxes, horses, squirrels and skunks.  “People need to be reminded about the importance of animal vaccinations.  This can keep pets, horses, and livestock from getting rabies, and help protect pet owners should pets be bitten by rabid wild animals,” said Gus Lopez, the Director of the Cheyenne/Laramie County Health Department.

Anyone that comes into contact with any animal that is behaving strangely or appears sick should not approach it and should call Cheyenne Animal Control at 635-1453 immediately.