January 30th, of 1933 - THE LONE RANGER was heard on the radio for the first time.  It ran for 2,956 episodes until it ended in 1955. That's when Clayton Moore, pictured above, took over as TV and movies emerged.

In those days, people would gather 'round the radio in it's soft glow and be able to visit far off lands, experience adventures and hear the latest news that used to take weeks and months to make the rounds.

If I may make a personal observation, and express my love for radio, the age of radio that is brought up here is personified in the song Mr. Radio

Oh, what a sunny day
When they carried the radio home
Bringing him in off the truck
And the dogs wouldn't leave us alone
Mr. Radio, you come down here to keep us companyWe listen in a room
Through the miles and miles of night
Deep in the heart of the Bible belt
In the golden radio light
Mr. Radio, you come down here to keep us companyAnd it's hard days out in the field
The crows in the high tree top
If a man's away from his home all day
His chickens might fall to the fox
Mr. Radio, what can you do about that?
Uh huhAnd you can take me down to a river town
Where the citizens dance till dawn
They dance so close it's a sin almost
The way they carry on
Mr. Radio, I never dreamed you could

And it's miles at the careless touch
Of a tired hand in time
When evening fell I heard a strange sell
Dreams that were never mine
Mr. Radio, you come down here to keep us company
You come down here to keep us company

The Golden Age Of Radio was so ground breaking and so enriching that I think of "Mr. Radio" and how humankind was enriched deeply by The Lone Ranger, 81 years ago today.
Trisha Yearwood knocks this song out of the park, Linda Ronstadt does it well, but if you want to hear the original version of Mr. Radio from Roderick Taylor (Falconer) Click here or on the picture above.

I love the song, I ope it touched you too.