Movies have a way of thinking you can do what you see. After watching a kung fu movie, you, all of a sudden, think you can hold off an army of ninjas; after watching Batman, you think you can be your city's nocturnal vigilante. I have to assume this guy just finished watching the Fast and the Furious because he drifted around this corner and made it look like it was no big thing.

It looks like it came from one of those traffic cams and he finds a quicker way to take the off ramp. Here are a few things he was probably saying in the car as this was happening.

1.) I think I left the oven on!

2.) Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee...

3.) Watch me drive sideways.

If you have a better quote on what he (or she) was saying inside the car, leave it in the comments.