How many vinyl records do you own?

You could add to your collection at great prices on the annual Record Store Day, April 21.

Many artists are offering special album releases on Saturday and lots of record stores are having big sales.

In Cheyenne, Ernie November, 217 West Lincolnway, is selling all of their used vinyl records at 20 percent off with all new vinyl at 15 percent off.

Ernie November will also have multiple limited edition one-time pressings available on Record Store Day, April 21. They are open on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Rock 'N' Robins in Fort Collins at 804 South College is also participating in activities. They are open from ten until eight.

I would be out there stocking up on vinyl too, but I made a deal with my wife a while back. While we were putting my records in alphabetical order, she said if I had more than 600 albums that I shouldn't buy any more. I shook hands on it, thinking I was well below the limit.

To my surprise, I was well over the limit, so I have not been buying any vinyl for a while. Guess that leaves more for you at your local record store.