Led Zeppelin's lead singer Robert Plant is featured in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine and he doesn't mince words. He comments on reuniting with his bandmates from Led Zeppelin:

"I've gone so far somewhere else that I almost can't relate to it."

He also trash-talks fellow aging rockers who are still playing their old hits:

"There's  nothing worse than a bunch of jaded old farts, and that's a fact,"

Plant has moved on, last year he put out "Band Of Joy," a follow up to the Grammy award winning release "Raising Sand" with Alison Krause. That duo was working on a new project together but he says the sound just wasn't there. On the new disc Patty Griffin helps out on vocals. An interesting note about the title of his new release, before Plant was asked by Jimmy Page to join the New Yardbirds he was in a group called Band Of Joy with drummer John Bonham in Birmingham, England. Everything old is new again.

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