Rolling Stone magazine took a poll asking their readers what the top 10 greatest double albums of all time were, and some of them were pretty good!  So which one made all the way to #1?

Going from 10 to 1, in at #10 was “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” by the Smashing Pumpkins,

#9 London Calling-The Clash

#8 “At Fillmore East-The Allman Brothers

#7 “Quadrophenia”-The Who

#6 “Blonde on Blonde”-Bob Dylan

#5 “Physical Graffiti”-Led Zeppelin

#4 “The River”-Bruce Springsteen

#3 “Exile on Main Street”-Rolling Stones

#2 “The Wall”-Pink Floyd

…and the #1 double album of all time…. (envelope please)

The Beatles “White Album!”

Now I have to agree with several of these albums including #1 on the list, but I was thinking of other albums that should have been in the top 10.  One of them for me personally, is a double album called “Mark, Don & Mel” Grand Funk Railroad!  Back before their “Locomotion” days, Grand Funk Railroad really cranked out some great rock; “Footstompin’ Music,” “Mean Mistreater,” “Time Machine” and of course, “Closer to Home.” (I’m Your Captain)  One thing that made this double album unique was the combination of both studio and live songs, one of the live ones featuring a killer drum solo from Don Brewer, who was really under rated as far as great drummers.  

The inside of this double album was really cool too, with a slew of pictures and articles inside, and inside the album sleeve, you also got a poster of Grand Funk Railroad.  (I especially loved that because I was crushing big time on Mark Farner!

What double album would you add to the “greatest of all time” list?