Have you ever driven on a roundabout? How about driving around one while singing the Yes song "Roundabout"?

Roundabouts are used on roadways around the world and now they are coming to Cheyenne. There are several in town already if you want to get some practice driving on one.

The Vandehei Project in north Cheyenne at Interstate 25 will incorporate a roundabout in the exits and entryways off both sides of the highway.

There are also roundabouts at the new High Plains interchange off I-25 south of Cheyenne. Ground was just broken this week for the new South East Wyoming Welcome Center to be located off the High Plains exit. There's also a roundabout by  the housing development to the east of the city just off Campstool Road.

If you feel like you're driving around in circles already, might want to get used to it because this summer, construction starts on the roundabout to be built at the intersection of Pershing, Converse and 19th Street near the Cole Shopping Center in Cheyenne.

I think once we get used to these circular interchanges we'll like them, but there may be a learning curve.