Would you like to win a Kenmore gas barbeque grill? You still have time to get registered at Sears Family & Friends Event going on until 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 5.

They also have 10% or more off everything in the store, and there's a lot of stuff in all their departments. The friendly sales staff can help direct you to the right places. (just look for Amaya, Sue, Brittney Tyler, Josh, Teresa, Daniel and others with the blue name tags.

Grateful Mike Working Hard at Sears in Frontier Mall (gdobbin/tsm)

I was on location earlier today at Sears on the west end of Frontier Mall and they have a little bit of everything. I saw a huge selection of shoes, clothes from baby sizes to grown ups, there was even a rainbow colored shirt with skulls on it.

They have shirts and hats with some of our favorite sport's teams from around the area, Colorado Rockies, Wyoming Cowboys and Nebraska Cornhuskers.

And of course, the Craftsman Tools and mowers in the Lawn and Garden department, there's the automotive department, appliances, recliners, jewelry, luggage, fragrances and cosmetics and very comfy mattresses. That's not even all the departments.

If you have a graduate or Mom to shop for, get to Sears tonight by nine. Sign up for their Shop Your Way.com point reward program and save even more.