The Laramie County Sheriff's Department is warning local residents about a new telephone scam which threatens intended victims with arrest if they do not "pay a fine" for an unspecified violation

. According to a release from the department, one such reported call showed up on caller ID as a valid Sheriff's Department phone number. The caller identified themselves as a Deputy Sheriff, using an invalid badge number and name. The caller said the call recipient  had to pay a fine to them that was owed by 5pm that same day or face arrest. The caller used a badge number with an ''SI" prefix, which is not used by any local law enforcement agency.

The department is reminding anyone who receives such a call that they can contact the Warrants Division at (307)-533-4732 to verify whether they have any warrants. The department is also reminding people that any fines they may owe are paid to the courts and not to a law enforcement officer.

The sheriff's department is asking anyone who receives one of the bogus calls to report the call to them at (307) 533-4700. Residents can also report the calls to the Wyoming Attorney General's Office Consumer Protection Division, according to the release.