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WYO's Best (And Worst) Senior Pranks
In 1982, three seniors at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper were charged with animal cruelty after placing the body of a dead llama in front of the school.
Green Door Lounge Building Is For Sale
One of Cheyenne's most notorious landmarks may have a new landlord soon. The Green Door Lounge building on 301 E. Lincolnway has been occupied by a gentlemen's club since 1975 and recently hit the market with an asking price of $195,000.
WYO's Oldest Man Turns 107 Years Young
Happy birthday, Lloyd Baker. Born May 17, 1911, the oldest man in the Cowboy State is still going strong at 107. Here are a few lessons we can learn from his remarkable life.
Downtown Cheyenne Candy Shop To Close
Another retailer is leaving Cheyenne for Fort Collins. The Cheyenne Candy Store Emporium Museum announced their closing yesterday, citing conflicts with their landlord and the City.
Cheyenne Residents Share Their First Lincoln Theater Memories
Last week, Cheyenne's legendary Lincoln Theater played its last picture show. While new owners remodel and repurpose the iconic landmark as a performance space and music venue, we asked our Facebook friends to share their first memories from the Lincoln.
Wyoming Man Patented The First Rice Cereal 100 Years Ago Today
If you've ever had a Rice Krispies treat, you can thank a guy from the tiny town Arminto, Wyoming. On May 14, 1918, Hazime Fukuda received a patent for the first rice cereal. His method was later adapted by Kellogg's and has since spawned dozens of popular products.
The History of the LIncoln Theater
The Lincoln Theater has been a Cheyenne institution for nearly 90 years. Since opening in 1929, the legendary venue has hosted more than two million people, including a future President and many of Hollywood's biggest stars.
Wyoming's Connection To The British Royal Family
Before moving to Big Horn in the late 1800s, Oliver Henry Wallop was the Earl of Portsmouth. He later became the only man to serve in both Britain's House of Lords and Wyoming's House of Representatives.
Wyoming's First Female Mayor
Over a century before Marian Orr became Cheyenne's first female mayor, another Wyoming woman made history. 107 years ago today, on May 9, 1911, Susan Wissler was elected as the Mayor of Dayton.
ZZ Top Coming Back To Cheyenne
ZZ Top is coming back to the Capital City. Today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers announced a concert at the Cheyenne Civic Center on Monday, August 6th.