What's going on?

Calamity Jane's Wild WYO Ride
The party began at the Tivoli Saloon. Two days and 90 miles later, Calamity Jane was no longer allowed to rent a horse and buggy in Cheyenne.
NFL Network Coming To Wyoming Pro Day
All eyes will be on Josh Allen Friday, including NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock, who will be reporting live from the University of Wyoming Pro Day.
Test Your Knowledge With Cheyenne Jeopardy!
Jeopardy! has been one of America's favorite game shows for decades. Over the years, 48 questions about Cheyenne have been featured on the program. Let's find out how well you know the Capital City.
A Tribute To Bryce Meredith
Even in defeat, Wyoming wrestling fans had a lot to cheer for this weekend. Bryce Meredith capped off his college career as a three-time All-American and a two-time NCAA runner-up.
March Madness Blizzard Anniversary
March 18, 2003, a blizzard rolled across the Front Range, dumping 18 inches of snow in 24 hours. It remains the snowiest single day in Cheyenne history.
Bryce Meredith Chases National Championship
Wyoming All-American Bryce Meredith is one step closer to a national title. Meredith wasted little time in the quarterfinals, pinning Eastern Michigan's Sa'Derian Perry in the first period.
St. Patrick's Tribute To Patrick, Wyoming
Ed Patrick was not a saint. He came to Wyoming in 1876 and drove a stagecoach on the Cheyenne to Deadwood trail. A decade later, he founded a town 13 miles north of Torrington.
Tribute To UW's 1943 National Champions
This month marks the 75th anniversary of the greatest moment in Wyoming sports history. March 30th, 1943, the University of Wyoming defeated Georgetown to claim the NCAA Championship.
Steamboat's To Stay Open
Steamboat's Steak and Smokehouse might not be closing after all. Last month, it was reported that the popular restaurant was planning to move. Now, they are hoping to stay in their current location.
Northern Lights Over Wyoming
There's a storm brewing in Wyoming, but it's not in the clouds, it's in the sky. Tonight, a geomagnetic disturbance could make the northern lights visible over the Cowboy State.
Cartoon Cat Started Wyoming Myth
Nearly three decades after a cartoon cat said it, thousands of people are convinced that the entire state of Wyoming is a figment of our imagination.
WYO's 1st National Champs
Before Kenny Sailors took the Pokes all the way in 1943, Dutch Witte and his little brother Les led the Cowboys to the first national title in school history.
PETA Roasts Cheyenne Chicken Curling
PETA is urging the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center to use vegan roasts instead of frozen chickens at their annual chicken curling tournament.
UW's Best March Madness Moments
The Wyoming Cowboys have played in the NCAA Tournament 15 times, including their National Championship run 75 years ago.
Cheyenne Has The Shortest Commute
The average commute time in the Capital City is 14.6 minutes, nearly a half-hour shorter than New York City, which has the longest commute.
Avett Brothers Coming To Cheyenne
If you couldn't get tickets for their three sold-out performances at Red Rocks this summer, you're in luck. The Avett Brothers are coming to the Cheyenne Civic Center on Tuesday, September 18th.
Wyoming's Most Haunted Saloon
In the 1940s, a candy salesman stopped in for a drink at the Shoshone Bar in Lovell, Wyo. He hasn't been seen since, but he has been heard. According to legend, if you leave cash on the bar, the "Candy Man" might take it.
The Coolest Jobs In The Cowboy State
Wyoming is a fun state, especially if you get paid to play. They might not be the most lucrative jobs, but here's our list of the ten coolest gigs in the Cowboy State.
Pine Bluffs Family Helps Build A Dynasty
Football has the Mannings and Matthews. Basketball has the Barrys and the Waltons. Baseball has the Griffeys and Ripkens. And in Pine Bluffs, Wyo., there's the Fornstrom family.