The candidates for Laramie Country Commissioner met today at Little America and small business was on the top of the agenda.

Our small towns in Laramie County, including Cheyenne need more small businesses. Not just community halls, banks, libraries, post offices and community buildings, but real small businesses. I understand these towns are small population-wise, but a few retail businesses that could enticed into entering Pine Bluffs, Burns, Carpenter, Chugwater and more would really be a kick in the local economy.

This isn't a WAL MART killed the downtown issue like small towns in the Midwest and South. In downtown Cheyenne, too many small businesses are special businesses, like art, ceramics, pottery, antiques and others. I mean grocery stores, hardware and grocery stores like exist in other small towns in Wyoming. These communities would all benefit. No one would get rich, but we could serve Small Town Wyoming much better.