Move over Jed Clampet, we finally did it! (Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies) “So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Wy-oo-ming…” all that was missing was Granny sitting on top of our heap in her rocking chair!  This is our very last load that we hauled from Colorado on north across the border and into the Cowboy State, a state that my husband and I are proud to call home…well, soon to call home.

We officially sold our house as of Friday, and we’re anxiously waiting for the closing on our Cheyenne home which, if all goes well, will happen on November 1st.  So basically that means my husband and I are somewhat homeless.  If it weren't for the good graces of Townsquare Media, and the wonderful staff at the Plains Hotel, we literally would be homeless.  We’re truly thankful that we’ve been given a place to stay while waiting for November 1st to get here.

Living at the hotel kind of takes me back to my college years where you have a dorm refrigerator and a microwave, so you start to get very creative on how to make Top Ramen Noodles and squeezing what you can into that little refrigerator.  To me, living on Ramen Noodles, maybe some bananas and non perishable goods for only a few weeks is worth it to my husband and me, because we know that soon, we’ll be able to get involved in a community that we both fell in love with several years ago!  So, even though we're not quite settled yet, I think I can say that we’re officially “Cheyomites” or “Wyomites”…uh, well, WE’RE HERE!