What's the most amazing thing you've ever made out of Lego's?

I'll bet it's not a working sub-machine gun that shoots Lego bullets.

Using only Legos and rubber bands, Jack Streat was able to build a fully-functional replica of a Heckler & Koch UMP 45 sub machine gun.

This isn't the only time Streat has made a potentially dangerous thing out of Lego's; he was able to build a working chainsaw out of the construction toys, and has a Youtube channel full of videos of other Lego weapons he has assembled.

A Lego gun doesn’t quite shoot with the same velocity or distance as a real gun, but it is amazing that it's completely built with Lego's.

If this video has inspired you to build something, check out the Lego Club at the Laramie County Library. They meet each month, usually on a Saturday, for a Lego challenge. Kids can bring their own Lego bricks or use the library's and just join in and build.

It's free for elementary school age children. If you think you're too old to play with your Lego's anymore, donate them to the library for the Lego Club.