When my team doesn't make it to "the big dance," I usually don't get overly excited for the game. But, that doesn't mean I am not going to partake in the annual tradition of watching it. I just have to find ways to make it a little more interesting. That is why each year I place a couple harmless "prop bets." These are bets about all the ridiculous things that go on outside of the game. Things like, "how long will it take Pink to sing the National Anthem?" Or, "Will Justin Timberlake cause another 'wardrobe malfunction'?

Here are some of my favorites, just released on Bovada

1) Over-under on how many times Tom Brady's age will be brought up during the broadcast. 1.5 (He is 40, which is getting up there)

2) Over-under on how many times the temperature will be mentioned. 1 (the forecast is calling for the coldest temperature on record for the Super Bowl. High of 4 degrees at kickoff)

3) What color will Pinks hair be during the National Anthem. (White, Pink, Green?)

4) What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach's head. (Red is my favorite Gatorade color, and it stains everything it touches.)

Feel like making Sunday's game a little more interesting? Place some "prop bets" with your friends. Or, check out Bovada and place some bets and possibly win some $.