On Memorial Day, May 28th, St. Mark's Episcopal Church will be honoring the men and women of the military who have given their lives defending this country in Iraq and Afghanistan. This will be the third anniversary of the reading of the names of these soldiers during an emotional one day event.

Because Operation Iraqi Freedom concluded in 2011, the names of the soldiers lost in Iraq will no longer be read.  Instead, they, along with all those who have served this country, will be honored with a proper American flag disposal ceremony. It will begin at 8:00 a.m. on the South side of St. Mark's.  This ceremony will treat this flag with respect while remembering both this country and the lives that were sacrificed.  There will be a short break with a pancake breakfast served to all participating and attending the service.

The service will be directed by, Father Dave McElwain, a retired military chaplain. The disposal ceremony will be conducted by the American Legion and the Boy Scouts of America. "Taps" will be played while the flag is burned. The event will be open to the public.

Around 9:30 the reading of the names of the fallen from Afghanistan will begin at the podium inside St. Mark's Church. A book will be located in the back of the church for viewing the names and biographies of the fallen soldiers from Wyoming.

For more information call Wanda Hughes, St. Mark's Office Administrator, 634-7709